ODIS - Audi And Volkswagen Diagnostic Software
ODIS - Audi And Volkswagen Diagnostic Software


ODIS - Audi And Volkswagen Diagnostic Software

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ODIS Service

  • ODIS S is a diagnostic software used for servicing and repairing Volkswagen Group vehicles, which includes Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda brands.
  • The software provides dealerships and independent workshops with advanced diagnostic capabilities and features, including coding and programming, guided fault finding, and vehicle data management.
  • ODIS Service (ODIS-S) is used to communicate with the vehicle’s on-board computer systems and perform various diagnostic functions, such as reading and clearing fault codes, accessing real-time data, and performing system adaptations.
  • It is an essential tool for ensuring that Volkswagen Group vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and that any issues are quickly identified and resolved.


  • ODIS Engineer (Information Systems Engineering, Offline Software) is the setup for the vehicles of the VAG group. With compatibility with the standard diagnostic device SAE J2534, this software enables offline ECU diagnosis, encoding, and installation on Volkswagen, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Audi, Skoda, Seat, MAN, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti.
  • Engineering software is used in technical diagnostics. It allows to define vehicle control units and read entries in memory.
  • The software also supports vehicle repair using flash controllers and troubleshooting guides. Functions such as test device support, flash programmable controller and vehicle self-diagnosis will help to expand the range of applications.

  • Read Error.
  • Clear Error.
  • Basic Setup.
  • Flash ECU Offline Offline.
  • Code.
  • Field Measures.
  • Flash ECU


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